The Trust Test

Lesson 5 Module 2

Here are some questions that help to uncover the trust levels in your team. You use it to identify current or even past levels. Trust is not easy to quantify this will give you a good start.

Duration: 5-10 minutes

Trust Assessment

I  just want you to think about your team when you answer this. If it helps, you can try and give yourself a rating like 1 to 10 or “very much” or “not at all.” It’s not meant to be scientific and quantifiable just to get you thinking about indicators of trust.

  1. Does your team speak freely to one another or are they guarded in their conversations?
  2. Are there real disagreements during your regular team meetings?
  3. Do your team members know one another’s personal goals, ambitions, struggles, and challenges?
  4. Is your team comfortable with sharing or acknowledging one another’s weaknesses? What about sharing their own weaknesses?
  5. Is your team’s morale high or low?
  6. Is there a lot of finger pointing and blame when something goes wrong?
  7. Do team members feel comfortable holding each other accountable or do they expect the team leader to do that?
  8. Is turnover high on your team (people can’t wait to get out?)?
  9. Is your team achieving the team’s goals?
  10. Are there unresolved issues from previous disagreements?