Thirdly, Do these Six Things Immediately

Lesson 12 Module 4

Building strong trust in your team is not just a matter of what you do or what you say; it’s both. Your actions and your words all add up. As we come to the close of this course, review the following list that summarizes much of what we’ve discussed in the Trust Formula.

  1. Be Performance Driven: Don’t just develop trust for the sake of 
    developing trust.  Trust is not the end result in most teams at work.  Getting the job done is what counts.  Clarify your targets and goals.
  2. Be consistent: For me to trust you I need to know that your values and priorities won’t change day-to-day.  I also need to feel that I have a pretty good idea of what you would say and do in given circumstances.
  3. Be reliable: Similar to consistency, in this case, I need to know that you will DWYSYWD, do what you say you will do.  If I can’t count on you, I can’t trust you.    
  4. Be clear on expectations and ground rules: Attendance at meetings, taking phone calls at meetings, missed deadlines, confidentiality, accountability, managing conflict…
  5. Be together: Absence might make the heart grow fonder but it doesn’t help build trust. Spend time together on and off the job; it doesn’t always have to be face to face.
  6. Be excellent at communication. Don’t just tell me what you think I want to hear.  Be careful and 
    conscious of what you communicate and the way you communicate it.