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Lesson 1 Module 1

This course is SOLID and will definitely grow and strengthen your team.


It’s based on research, best practices, and years of actual hands-on experiences with teams at many levels. Good stuff! But…it’s not enough to just watch or read the material. You have to actually put the ideas and concepts into practice.


To get the most of this program you’re going to need to put in the time, effort, and energy – you’re going to have to do work. So, when you’re going through the material make sure you:


  1. Select a time and place that is free of distractions. Turn off or silence your mobile devices, email, and social media accounts so you can FOCUS.
  2. Schedule blocks of time. I recommend that you don’t try and complete the entire course at one sitting but instead block off appropriate chunks of time for each section. This allows you to work through the material and the questions and to get the concepts rooted solidly in your brain.
  3. Do the work. If there are questions or assignments you are asked to work on, do them. You’re going to have to think and grow your knowledge base. This isn’t busy work. This is the kind of work you have to do in what Peter Drucker (Wartzman, 2014) described so long ago as the shift to a “knowledge society.”
  4. Use the links and references. I love books, reading, and learning. In fact, my old boss told me years ago, “If you ain’t readin’ you ain’t leadin’!” Throughout this workbook and course, I work to include references to articles, books, and other resources to help contribute to your own growth and development. Don’t stop learning!

The Trust Formula Workbook

I worked to make this course as flexible as possible and to get rid of as many obstacles in your path to success as I could.

If you’re the kind of person who wants to have a separate, printable workbook to go through this course you can >>>>download that right here<<<<


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