The Trust Formula: How to Build Strong and Lasting Trust in Your Team

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About this course

Your team can have the best individuals with the best equipment who are highly motivated and enthusiastic AND STILL FAIL! Without trust as a foundation the success of every team is going to be questionable and shaky. A lack of stability in your team will cost you plenty.

Building trust needs to be your #1 priority. Ask yourself:

  • Does my team have trust issues?
  • Do I want to build strong and lasting trust?
  • Does my team have goals we NEED to reach?


Who Am I?
My name is Kaʻala Souza and I want you to succeed.


In fact, my goal for years has been helping others to achieve their goals. This course is a way to help make that happen.


Whether you are the leader in your team or a member, working through and implementing the concepts in the Trust Formula will strengthen, deepen and build the kind of trust that is essential for your success in today’s world.


Strong Teams Are Built on Strong Trust

There are so many studies that demonstrate how teams with strong relationships flat out perform better. And even though every team is going to have different goals, personnel, and approaches, the ONE thing every high-performing team has in common is that they TRUST each other.

  • They believe in their teammates.

  • They know the other members have their backs.

  • They can COUNT on each other.

  • Trust is relationship GLUE!

As a team leader or a team member building, nurturing and maintaining trust is essential to your success.


What You Will Receive

 -- Video lectures with over 60 minutes of content with enough details and coverage but without overwhelming you with too much information. This is what you NEED TO KNOW to build trust. The material has been presented to 1000's of people, used and tested with real teams at every organizational level from frontline to C-suite executives.


 -- 20+ page workbook to help people get and stay engaged. We know that people learn differently but almost everyone benefits when they are hearing, seeing, AND recording the subject they are learning. If this topic were being presented to a live audience for an hour, the content would have to be reduced and the handouts would be about a page and a half.


-- Practical, real-world applications and actions for the vital but difficult to measure topic of trust. We all know we need to have trust in our teams. We also know that trust is difficult to define and measure. This course breaks it all down so that you have the HEAD knowledge as well as the rubber-meets-the-road things you can put in place to build trust.


-- Unlimited, lifetime access to the course so you can proceed at your own pace, replay, rewatch and cement the knowledge.


Who Should Take This Course?

If you are a team LEADER this course is for you.

If you are a team MEMBER this course is for you.

Successful teams happen when each person takes responsibility and accountability for the growth and development of the team.


How Should You Use This Course?

You can sign up for this course as an individual, a specific team, or as an entire organization. When every single person on your team or in your company understands what trust is and why trust important AND how to achieve it the impact will be exponential.


- As an individual

If you are taking this course as an individual, go through the material and work the assignments. You'll find yourself starting to see the people, teams, and situations around you differently. Your own actions and attitudes will start to influence and affect the people around you. The process of change is slower but every little bit makes a difference.


- As a team

If you and your team will be taking this course together there are a couple of different options. First, you can use the course as preparation for a retreat by having everyone go through the course in its entirety and discuss it during the time you have together. Another option is to have team members do one section at a time and talk about it at your regular meetings. People can share what they learned, or thought, or felt as they went through the material.


- As an organization

Ideally, in an organization or a company, everyone would be on the same page, speaking the same language of trust and teamwork. This program is a fantastic way to get the vocabulary of trust into the everyday talk of your company. eLearning and online courses provide a way to disseminate information and values in a consistent and cost-effective fashion. The key ingredient for organizations and their leadership is to make sure you walk the talk. Don't just talk about trust...BE about it!


Trust doesn't just happen.


You need to proactively make it happen. This takes energy, effort, and commitment.  It also takes understanding. Learning what trust is, how trust grows, what destroys trust and what builds it will help your team succeed.

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Course Structure

1 Lesson


This is our intro module.

Welcome & Aloha!

How To Use This Course & Course Workbook Download

You need "Wheelbarrow Trust"

This section starts off with a quick video discussion of what kind of trust you are looking for. 

Knowing What Trust Means Is Half the Battle

Get started building trust by defining trust.

Does YOUR Team Have Trust Issues?

Watch this video and see if your team has the kind of issues that characterize low-trust teams.

The Trust Test

Take the 5-10 minute "Trust Test" to determine your teamʻs trust levels.

Trust WILL Make the Difference on Your Team

Now that you have some idea of where your team's trust is at, let's start taking that trust to the next level up!

The 5 Main Principles

Building STRONG trust in teams requires 2 things. Learn what these principles are in this lesson.

Know the Different Types of Trust

There are two main types of trust. Watch this lesson find out what they are.

The Core Three Elements of the Trust Formula

This video defines and describes the core three components of the Trust Formula.

First, Be Vulnerable

Being INvulnerable is helpful for superheroes but deadly for building trust in your team!

Watch this video to learn why opening up is invaluable and how to do it.

Second, DEMONSTRATE the Formula

Don’t just talk about trust, BE about it. Be someone trustworthy if you want to build trust.

Thirdly, Do these Six Things Immediately

6 things you can and should to do TODAY to make a difference in your teams

3 Lessons


What Do You Need to Work On?

As we come to the end of this course, this video will help you figure out the things that will yield you the highest ROI.

Activity: List Your Next Actions Here

Our worksheet to help you self identify your next steps

Need More Help?

Want more? Iʻm here to help!